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Chapter 529 darkness

  Chapter 529 The sun had set, and darkness fell on the place where the Nine Shadows Sect was staying. Yeo Tae-ryang went to bed early. Contrary to its shabby exterior, the inside of the military tent was incredibly ornate. A huge bed covered in sheepskin was laid out, and a huge white tiger skin was draped along the wall like an ornament. On the sheepskin bed, Yeo Tae-ryang lay naked. But he was not alone. Each of his arms cradled a naked woman. Their recent lovemaking left a heated atmosphere lingering within the tent. Yeo Tae-ryang raised his upper body and sat up. The women who had made love to him were fast asleep. He had been relentlessly passionate, exhausting them His sexual prowess was so outstanding that a single woman could not suffice. Hence, he always entertained two or three women at the same time. Suddenly his gaze was drawn to a box sitting on the side of the tent. "Hmm!" Although he had enough to operate the Nine Shadows Sect for a while, it was insuffic

Chapter 528 unbelievable

 Chapter 528 It was an unbelievable pace. They had barely been on the move for ten days, and yet they had managed to secure the allegiance of seventy percent of the assassin guilds that had gathered for the Kangho Great War. This was a testament to the incredible abilities of the Black Shadow Assassins and the Ten Blood Assassins. Thunder Eye, Blood Rain, Death Shadow and Hong Ye-seol conquered the other assassin guilds at an impressive rate, as if in a competition. Sal-no's idea was that there must be a sense of rivalry between them. It was unprecedented in the history of the Hundred Wraith Union for so many of the Ten Blood Assassins to be deployed on the same mission. It would have been strange if they hadn't felt competitive. They wanted to prove their capabilities by subjugating the assassin guilds before anyone else. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, they were caught up in a competition of loyalty. Pyo Wol declared full control over the assassin guilds. There was no word

Chapter 527 The Seven

 Chapter 527 The Seven Demons of Shanyin were originally active in the northern region of Shanyin. "They were originally wandering vagabonds of the north who, spurred on by a certain incident, banded together and began to move as one". They were not just any run-of-the-mill assassins; their martial arts skills were so formidable that it would be a mistake to think of them as mere rootless assassins.Many people sought them out and requested their services, so there was no shortage of money. However, they were not rich either. As a result, they were always thirsty for wealth. Their first assignment to carry out an assassination was purely coincidental. At first, they refused. Their beliefs dictated that even as vagrants they could not stoop to such despicable methods. But a single assassination changed their minds completely. The money they earned on a single contract was something they could never achieve in a regular job. With just one commission, they could loaf around and l