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Chapter 472 novel reaper drifting

 Chapter 472 novel reaper drifting moon  The moment Manslaughter saw the strikingly pale face in the darkness, he felt chills running down his spine. He had met and killed numerous martial artists. The scars on his face were also from killing them. In addition to his strong martial arts, it was his extremely developed sixth sense that kept him alive. 'It's him. The Reaper!' Although the man looking at him didn't say a word, Manslaughter instinctively sensed his identity. Reaper Pyo Wol. The one he had been chasing. Manslaughter shouted. "Pyo Wol! How did you...?" "..." Pyo Wol looked down at Manslaughter without a word. It infuriated Manslaughter. It seemed as if he was looking down on him with contempt. "You!" Crash! Manslaughter screamed and swung his blue sky hand. The mansion's roof, barely holding on, collapsed in response to his attack . Manslaughter soared through the rubble and dust into the air. "What's happening?"

Chapter 471 Death drifts to the moon

 Death drifts to the moon Chapter 471 Pyo Wol raised his head and sniffed the air. It was such a faint scent that ordinary people could never detect it. However, Pyo Wol's highly developed sense of smell could clearly perceive the faint smell of blood. There would have been no reason for Pyo Wol to care if it was just a simple scent of blood.Soyang was a very large city, and it wouldn't be strange if something bad happened within it. But this smell of blood was different. Swish! Gwia emerged from his Collar. 'Poison!' The scent of blood carried a pungent poison with it. Although it was heavily diluted in the air and only caused a headache now, it must have been terrible in the past. That's why Gwia reacted to it. Pyo Wol walked to where the smell of blood was coming from. The place where the scent flowed from was a back alley in Soyang. In a corner of the alley, a body was thrown away like trash. The moment he saw the corpse, whose face and body were half melted, he

Chapter 470 Death drifts to the moon

  Chapter 470 Death drifts to the moon Geum Pisang rubbed his neck tiredly. "It's not easy." As the head of Hao Clan's Soyang branch, Geum Pisang handled many things. Because he was capable, he was put in charge of an important branch like Soyang. What he was most proficient in was gathering and processing information. In a city like Soyang, which is a transportation hub, a lot of information was gathered. Merchants, visitors from other places, and ambassadors from foreign countries all come and go in Soyang. Hao Clan's eyes and ears were wide open to them. They reported to Geum Pisang every detail that people spoke carelessly. Geum Pisang listened to the numerous pieces of information passed on by his subordinates and selected the useful ones. From the selected information, he chose the most valuable and dug deeper. The information he obtained in this way was so remarkable that even Hong Yushin, the chief inspector of Hao Clan, acknowledged it. But even such a ma