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Chapter 524 drifts to the moon

  Chapter 524 The Sol Family Pavilion was now in Pyo Wol's hands. Upon realizing Pyo Wol's identity, Sado Won gave up on resisting entirely. Reaper and the Hundred Wraith Union. This was indeed the worst combination. To the assassins living in the underworld, it was nothing short of a disaster. Pyo Wol, hailed as the greatest assassin in the history of Kangho. Hundred Wraith Union, the most powerful assassin guild in Kangho. Facing just one of them was a risk to life, but an alliance of the two was unthinkable. It was clear that Pyo Wol had gained control over the Hundred Wraith Union. Even the mighty Hundred Wraith Union could do nothing but bow down to Pyo Wol. For a place like the Sol Family pavilion to reject him was unthinkable. In the end, the Sado Won and the other warriors pledged their loyalty to Pyo Wol. "Sado Won, I swear loyalty to the Reaper." "We pledge our loyalty." Their voices echoed throughout the Sol Family Pavilion. Pyo Wol looked at them

Chapter 523 Dokgo

 Chapter 523 Dokgo Hwang's eyebrows trembled slightly. The person he trusted the most had returned to him as a cold, lifeless body. "Please end our lives." "We apologize." The martial artists who had brought back the corpse fell to their knees in front of Dokgo Hwang. Their foreheads pressed against the ground. Blood oozed from the gashes on their foreheads, but none dared to lift their heads. Dokgo Hwang did not even look at them, but stared at the body in front of him. The corpse was covered with a white cloth. Carefully, Dokgo Hwang lifted the cloth, revealing the face of Eom Soso. Her face, marred by a gaping hole in the forehead, radiated a semblance of the agony she must have suffered.The pain she must have experienced before her last breath was vividly conveyed. TL/N-Tit for Tat, she also did the same to Jang Noya.[a] "So...So...” He tried to maintain composure, but his voice trembled slightly. Eom Soso was more than just a subordinate. She was his c

Chapter 522 Eom Soso

 Chapter 522 Eom Soso was like a venomous serpent, brimming with deadly poison. Her eyes were filled with Killing intent, and her hands radiated malice. Whoosh! Her dark sword zipped through the five yards in an instant, reaching Pyo Wol at the front. "Tch!" Having lost her target in a flash, Hong Ye-seol clicked her tongue. But her expression showed no concern for Pyo Wol. Ping! As Hong Ye-seol had anticipated, Eom Soso's dark sword bounced off Pyo Wol's body before it could even make contact. Pyo Wol had swung his Soul Reaping Thread to shield himself. "Haah!" With a spirited cry, Eom Soso unfurled a deadly onslaught. Shiiiing! Her sword seemed split into dozens, bearing down on Pyo Wol. It was a technique called the Heavenly Sword Rain. It was like swords were raining down from the sky in a torrential downpour. "Aack!" "Cough!" Even the martial artists of the Martial Sword Alliance who were attacking Pyo Wol were swept away by her terr