Chapter 01 The Villain Makes The Heroines Beg for Forgiveness novel

Chapter 01 The Villain Makes The Heroines Beg for Forgiveness novel

"Eliminate the Nine Heavens Palace."

"The Heavenly Emperor is endangering the world, he is the devil, he must be killed."

"Bah, why he is the heavenly emperor, shouldn’t he be called the devil emperor instead."


(On the Lingxuan Continent.)

The sound of roar and slaughtering shook the sky.

The whole continent was in chaos.

Especially the Ninth Heavenly Palace which was the centre of the continent.

This was the most sacred place in the entire Spiritual Mystic Continent.

But now, it was covered by the blood of many dead bodies of cultivators.

Today, the palace got invaded, the guards were killed mercilessly and the whole Nine Heavens Palace looked like underworld hell.

But still, none of the invaders dared to have the slightest carelessness.

Because the master of the Nine Heavens Palace was the supreme heavenly emperor who ruled the Spiritual Xuan Continent for more than tens of thousands of years and no one succeeded in killing him.

As long as the Heavenly Emperor was not dead, no one in the world would be at ease.


(In the hall of the Heavenly Palace)

Thousands of cultivators with serious faces surrounded the mirror.

This mirror was a few feet high, emitting a heavenly glow.

And inside the mirror, there stood a handsome man with a face as distinct as it was carved by the almighty.

Although trapped inside the mirror, the man's extraordinary aura, still let these cultivators around not dare to be careless in the slightest.

Because the man inside the mirror was none other than the Heavenly Emperor himself.

The immortal heavenly emperor.

"Don't be afraid, the Heavenly Emperor has been trapped by us with the Linglong Treasure Mirror, in just three days, he will be completely refined."

"After three days, there will no longer be a Heavenly Emperor in this world." said Lin Feng

"Young Lord Lin Feng, it was you who led us and fought your way up to the Nine Heavens Palace, so you deserve the most credit for destroying the Heavenly Emperor today, so I hope you will succeed the Heavenly Emperor throne."

"Well, I did nothing, it is really because the Heavenly Emperor has done too much evil, and the people have rebelled against him, even his own sister, his wife and even the empress were disgusted at him, that's why he has fallen."


Inside the exquisite mirror, Lin Yan listened to the voice coming from outside and was dumbfounded.

"Did I … transmigrate?"

Soon, the memories kept coming up in his mind.

It made him quickly figure out where he was at the moment.

That's right.

He got transmigrated into a hot-blooded immortal novel that he was reading a while ago.

The plot of the novel was that the male protagonist, Lin Feng, was born in a small mountain village and started cultivating and having fruitful encounters along the way.

Finally, he became the first person in the Spiritual Xuan Continent to defeat the villainous big boss, the Heavenly Emperor.

Through the Linglong mirror in front of him, Lin Yan's gaze fell on the young man outside the mirror, who looked fearless.

He was the protagonist of this world, Lin Feng.

However, Lin Yan only glanced at Lin Feng and his eyes swirled away and looked at the women beside Lin Feng.

Though there were few women, all of them were of heavenly beauty and had different temperaments.

When compared to the male protagonist Lin Feng, in fact, these women were the core attractions of the novel.

In the journey to raise his cultivation, the protagonist Lin Feng befriended all the ten heavenly beauties; These ten heavenly beauties were also known as the novel's top ten heroines.

These ten heroines not only had great talent in cultivation but also had stunning looks.

Their identities were also very noble and had a great influence on the plot.

It was thanks to these ten heroines for helping the protagonist Lin Feng, his cultivation which should have been a thousand miles away has now grown to the extent of being second only to the Heavenly Emperor.

Some readers joked that this novel title should be renamed to "The Legend of the Heroines”.

Because, when compared to the protagonist Lin Feng, each of the ten female leads had their own merits, killing and plotting were more like the main character of the novel.

And another reason was, throughout the whole novel, the protagonist Lin Feng had been pretending to be dense-natured and didn’t even touch at least the fingers of them even at the end of the novel.

The protagonist Lin Feng was also, therefore, called the most cowardly and dense protagonist by countless readers.


Even if the male protagonist Lin Feng pretended to be a gentleman, Lin Yan was now also not qualified to say, people.

Though the Heavenly Emperor's cultivation was extremely high until the grand finale, no one could defeat him. However the protagonist, Lin Feng, specifically found an ancient divine weapon called Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Using this Linglong Treasure Mirror, the Heavenly Emperor was trapped inside.

At the end of the novel.

The Heavenly Emperor was drained of his cultivation inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror and died.

At present, …Lin Yan was now trapped inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror!

"This is still screwed up."

Figuring out his situation, Lin Yan complained almost immediately.

This was almost the grand finale.

He just got transmigrated, and there was no possible way of even struggling a bit. Only the path of waiting for death was left.


Just as Lin Yan was complaining, a loud voice suddenly appeared in his ear.

"The Storyline Editing feature can be accessed now, does the host want to start editing his past right away?"

Finally, a System!

Lin Yan's eyes lit up and his heart was surprised.

Sure enough, as a transmigrator, one would surely receive a bento (/gift).

"System, explain what it can do?"

Lin Yan quickly began to communicate with the system.

As there wasn't much time left for him now, after a quick exchange, Lin Yan quickly figured out how to use this so-called storyline editor.

The Storyline Editing Feature allows Lin Yan to rewrite his past.

When the past life changes, it would naturally affects the present.

Of course, now that he had been trapped inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, there was no way to get out of it by himself.

So he could only rely on help from the outside world.


{Does the host want to start editing his past right away?}

{Caution: For this edit, all the host's cultivation will be extracted.}

{Please choose as soon as possible, Yes/No.}

At this moment, the system's prompting voice sounded again.

Lin Yan almost didn't even think about it and immediately nodded: "Start immediately."

Just kidding.

Now he was dying , if he didn't start right away, he was afraid that he wouldn't even have the chance to change his fate against the heavens.

As for extracting all cultivation, this was a bit of a pity, but as long as he falls into the Linglong Treasure Mirror, his cultivation would definitely be drawn out either way.

Instead of the lingering inside mirror for his death, it was better to act immediately.


As Lin Yan activated the system, outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, the crowd also vaguely noticed Lin Yan's abnormality.

Lin Feng, the protagonist, frowned and said, "It's already this time, could it be that the Heavenly Emperor still has some means to detach himself from the Linglong Treasure Mirror?"

Lin Feng was young and looked quite handsome.

Of all the people present, only the Heavenly Emperor, who was trapped inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, could overpower him in this regard.

"Impossible, the Linglong Treasure Mirror is an ancient divine weapon, even if the Heavenly Emperor has cultivated to the realm of immortality, it is impossible to get out of it."

On Lin Feng's side, a woman with an absolutely cold temperament spoke.

Her name was Xiao Yanran.

Actually, she was the younger sister of the Heavenly Emperor.

But because of various reasons, she and the Heavenly Emperor completely turned against each other and ended up on the side of the male protagonist Lin Feng.

At the same time, she was also one of the top ten female protagonists in the novel.


"The Heavenly Emperor probably isn't dead yet and it seems like he wants to make a final struggle."

"Let him struggle all he wants and savor the feeling of death."

"The Heavenly Emperor, who used to be so high and mighty, will also fall to this fate, it's really a self-inflicted sin that cannot be lived."

The crowd around spoke one after another.

Just as they were discussing, the exquisite mirror in front of them suddenly radiated a blinding light.

Soon, this glow enveloped everyone around.

And when the light dissipated, inside the exquisite mirror the figure of the Heavenly Emperor had disappeared, and in his place, there was a different image.

-To be continued!


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