Chapter 493 - 494 Death drifts to the moon


Chapter 493

Inside the thick fog, everything was white.

The sky, the ground, everything appeared white.

The Blood Demons had never seen such dense fog before.

Such sensory disruption couldn't have naturally formed.

'It's a formation.'

They quickly realized that this phenomenon had been caused by a formation.

A smirk appeared on the Blood Demon Chief's face.


The Blood Demon Corps he led had received rigorous training from So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo.

So Yeowol and Song Cheonwoo had recreated the underground cave where they had been trained. Not just a simple recreation, they designed the passages even more intricately.

Even when they were in the underground cave, both of them valued efficiency to an extreme degree.

They knew how difficult it was to nurture elite warriors who had reached the pinnacle.

People like them, Pyo Wol, So Geoksan, and others were all born with talent. Postnatal training helped significantly, but fundamentally, their achievements were due to talent.

However, there wouldn't be many people with such talent. And those with that level of talent were usually monopolized by prestigious sects.

No matter how much they relied on the power of Guryongsalmak, it was impossible for So Yeowol to secure talented children as she wanted.

So, So Yeowol changed her thinking.

If she couldn't secure children with the potential to reach the pinnacle, then she would mass-recruit children with above-average abilities.

They kidnapped orphans from Kangho and the outside world. Then they drove them into the underground caves designed by her.

Various potions and supplies were deployed in stages.

Everything was calculated meticulously to maximize efficiency.

Thus, the Blood Demons progressed step by step under So Yeowol's plan.

Naturally, countless people died. But So Yeowol didn't care.

Sacrifices were bound to happen when carrying out a grand plan. There was no need to worry about such trivial matters.

That's how the Blood Demons were mass-produced.

Not the best, but assassins who possessed a certain level of strength.

Although the strength of each individual Blood Demon couldn't compare to the likes of Pyo Wol or So Yeowol, the number of Blood Demons produced through this process exceeded seven hundred.

Even after counting those who died by Pyo Wol and during the process of controlling the New Moon Manor, there were still more than four hundred left.

One hundred of them were assigned to track down Pyo Wol. The remaining members were on standby, ready to be deployed at any time.

Considering Pyo Wol was severely injured, this amount of manpower felt excessive. However, knowing his true strength, So Yeowol thought that this wasn't enough.

The Blood Demons were needed to stabilize the recently seized New Moon Manor. It was merely regrettable that she couldn't deploy all her forces.

Of course, among the stages created by So Yeowol, there were formations.

It was an advanced formation with extremely strong lethality. The Infinite Killing Illusion Formation (無限殺幻陣) was installed by inviting the most outstanding formation master in the world, known as the Noble Star.

To the Blood Demons who had experienced the Infinite Killing Illusion Formation, a formation like this seemed like child's play.

One of the core components of the formation was sensory disruption.

By injecting false information, it prevented accurate judgment and made them unable to trust their own senses.

The fog was a device to disrupt their senses.

Once their minds were occupied by the fog, they couldn't receive the truly necessary information.

The Blood Demons closed their eyes.

They didn't need to see with their eyes; they could assess the situation using their other senses.



At that moment, an explosion and a scream were heard simultaneously from somewhere.

The Blood Demons hurriedly ran towards the source of the sound. However, no matter how much they ran, the destination didn't appear.

The sound was definitely close.

It was then that the Blood Demons realized that the formation they had entered was not ordinary. They thought it was a simple formation, but it was more intricate than expected.

No matter how much they ran, the place where the scream came from didn't appear. Even their own subordinates who were supposed to be beside them were nowhere in sight.

They had run together, but they were separated at some point.

The Blood Demon Chief bit his lip.

'The power of the formation is more formidable than I thought.'

He sensed that things would not go as smoothly as expected.


Another scream was heard.

He instantly recognized it as the voice of his subordinate.

The Blood Demon Chief's expression hardened.

It was certain that the ones he was chasing were hiding in the fog and attacking his subordinates.


It became clear.

That Pyo Wol was here.

They had spread the formation to protect him and were desperately resisting.

In their view, they might have thought they were being cunning, but their actions confirmed Pyo Wol's presence to him.


The sound of fighting, along with an explosion, was heard nearby.

Those protecting this place were attacking his subordinates again. However, this time his subordinates did not go down easily.

The sound of several exchanges followed.

It was happening right next to him, but he knew there was no point in running to it.

Instead, the Blood Demon Chief ran in a completely different direction.

If the fog was disrupting his senses, there was a high probability that the sound he was hearing was coming from a completely different direction.

He turned corners, breaking through the wall of fog, and then turned once more. A young boy was visible, facing his subordinates.

The one attacking the Blood Demons was none other than Nam Shin-woo.

Since three Blood Demons had grouped together, Nam Shin-woo couldn't take them down in one go.


The Blood Demon Chief kicked the ground and charged towards Nam Shin-woo.

Surprised by his sudden appearance, Nam Shin-woo's eyes widened.

Although he knew he needed to dodge, his body was tied up with the Blood Demons and he couldn't respond.

'I can't avoid it.'

The word 'death' surfaced in Nam Shin-Woo's mind just when...


With a loud noise, the Blood Demon Chief staggered.

A familiar figure stood before him.

Nam Shin-woo instantly recognised him.


It was Do Yeonsan.

"Leave this one to me and deal with the others."


Nam Shin-woo responded energetically.

Do Yeonsan's eyes had deepened, showing he had managed to grasp some of the martial arts of the Ghost King.

'It would have been better to have more time, but it's still worth a try.'

Do Yeonsan started to gather his internal energy.

It was much more natural for him to draw out his inner strength after some contemplation. He regretted not thinking earlier about how to utilize his power.

'Regret can wait; now, I'll focus on defeating this guy.'

Just by looking at his aura, it was evident that this man was at a completely different level from the other Blood Demons.

In the past, he would have been intimidated, but now it was different.

He thought it was worth trying once.

'I just need to hold on until my brother recovers.'

That was when the Blood Demon Chief, sensing Do Yeonsan's thoughts, launched a surprise attack.

There was no warning or sound.

Silent combat was the basic skill of an assassin.

The Blood Demon Chief was a martial artist who had reached an incredible level as an assassin.

He attacked Do Yeonsan in the manner of an assassin.


However, his attack was blocked by Do Yeonsan's single blow.

This was his first time fighting an assassin of the same level as the Leader of the Blood Demons, but the reason he didn't panic was because he had spent a lot of time with Pyo Wol.

Pyo Wol was a martial artist who had reached the peak of being an assassin.

Having watched his fighting style for a long time, Do Yeonsan was able to block the Blood Demon Chief's attack without panicking.

In contrast, the one who was surprised was the Leader of the Blood Demons himself.

The young boy was blocking his attacks too easily. It was as if he knew in advance what techniques he would use and was dealing with them too naturally.

As time passed, Do Yeonsan's responses became smoother.

The Blood Demon Chief's eyes grew more and more fierce.

He was angry at himself for not being able to deal with a young kid properly.

'I will definitely kill him.'

The Blood Demon Chief bit his lip and pressed at Do Yeonsan even more fiercely.


Eun-yo, who had been watching the whole situation from a high tree branch, murmured.

"Change the formation."

She had scattered the Blood Demons with the Maze Formation.

Fortunately, the Blood Demons couldn't find their way through her Maze Formation. However, it wasn't enough.

Now, the Blood Demons were getting used to the Maze Formation and were gradually approaching the exit. If left like this, they would undoubtedly break through the formation.

Changing the activated formation in the middle was a great risk for Eun-yo as well. But she had no other choice.

Now was not the time to doubt herself.

She had to succeed.

She jumped down from the tree.

In Eun-yo's hand were ten wooden sticks.

They were prepared after spreading the Maze Formation.

Eun-yo quickly began to insert the sticks into the exit of the Maze Formation.

Thud! Thud!

At a glance, it seemed like she was inserting them randomly, but Eun-yo placed the sticks where the energy of the earth was the strongest.

As she inserted the sticks, the mist surrounding the Maze Formation shook violently.


Suddenly, blood flowed from Eun-yo's lips.

Changing the formation to another one in the middle of deploying it brought tremendous backlash to her.

It put a strain on her body.

Her heart veins trembled, and her energy was shaken, making her head dizzy.

Objects seemed to overlap, appearing as two or three at once.

Nevertheless, Eun-yo endured the pain and forced herself to complete the formation. However, just before she inserted the last stick, about ten Blood Demons broke through the mist. They had finally passed through the Maze Formation.

Seeing Eun-yo holding sticks in both hands, their eyes lit up.

At a glance, they could tell Eun-yo was up to something.


They kicked the ground and attacked Eun-yo.

Despite the attack of ten or so fighters, not a single sound was heard.

Shh! Shh! Shh!

All that could be heard was the sound of their swords cutting through the air.


Eun-yo clicked her tongue and blocked their attacks with the sticks.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of sticks and swords colliding echoed endlessly.

Thankfully, Eun-yo had infused her internal energy into the sticks; otherwise, they would have been cut long ago.


One of the Blood Demons was impaled in the chest by Eun-yo's stick, losing its life.

Even seeing their comrade die, the Blood Demons didn't blink an eye.

They charged at Eun-yo like emotionless people.

Eun-yo single-handedly dealt with their onslaught using her sect's ultimate technique.

Fighting nine assassins alone was by no means an easy task.

Several of them attempted to enter the house where Pyo Wol was being treated.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Eun-yo extended her stick to block their path.

The Blood Demons, having no choice, returned to their original position and attacked Eun-yo.

Now they knew.

Their target, Pyo Wol, was in that house.

That's why Eun-yo was desperately blocking them.

That's when it happened.

Four more Blood Demons broke through the mist.

They had finally made it inside the Maze Formation.

The blood demons who had been dealing with Eun-Yo gestured to the house.

They understood their comrades' intentions at once.

The newly arrived Blood Demons headed straight for the house.

Eun-yo bit her lip lightly.

'Is it possible?'

She shook her head immediately.

Now was not the time to worry.

It was time to unleash her martial arts.

"Chaa! Ninth Heavenly Demon Sword!"

The strongest sword technique of Xiaoleiyin Temple unfolded in her hands.


The crimson sword energy spread like a net throughout the area.

In an instant, the sword energy engulfed the Blood Demons.

The Blood Demons gritted their teeth as they turned into bloody sand and crumbled.

The sword energy engulfed the Blood Demons in an instant.

Their mouths gaped as they turned into bloody sand and crumbled. It was truly a formidable power.

However, Eun-yo couldn't be happy.


She had suffered deep internal injuries from forcibly using the strongest sword technique of the Xiaoleiyin Temple. She vomited a mouthful of dark red blood.

It felt as if her whole body was falling apart, and she couldn't even move a finger. Still, she tried to force herself to complete the formation. But the most crucial stick was nowhere to be seen.

It had disappeared without a trace, unable to withstand the sword energy.

At that moment, more Blood Demons broke through the mist and appeared again.


Biting her lip until it bled, Eun-yo forced herself to get up.



Chapter 494

Chapter 494

The outside was noisy.


No screams were heard, but the sounds of breaking and bursting were undeniably reaching him.


Occasionally, Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo's battle cries could be heard as well.


"This is what a fight with assassins is like."


The Divine physician's gaze deepened.


Not a single scream until the moment of death. Even the occasional scream was merely a momentary outburst of something deeply suppressed.


Truly, they were vicious fellows.


If you make enemies with these men, you will have to give up sleeping peacefully until you die.


The divine physician, who had led a relatively smooth life, did not want to become an enemy to these people. However, they were already his enemies.


If it became known that he was involved, the master of the Blood Demons would never remain idle.


"All this just because of this guy."


The divine physician looked down at Pyo Wol, who was lying on the ground with silver needles all over his body.


Pyo Wol was still unconscious.


Countless injuries covered his pale flesh.


A special ointment made by the divine physician was generously applied on top of the wounds. The special ointment was highly effective on external injuries.


Blood crusts had already formed on the areas where it had been applied.




The divine physician sighed.


He had done everything he could.


He had transfused Nam Shin-woo's blood and performed the Great Rebirth and Reincarnation Technique.


All that remained was Pyo Wol's will and resilience.


The stronger his will and the more resilient his body, the sooner he would wake up.

He just hoped he wouldn't wake up too late.




The sounds outside were becoming clearer and clearer.


It was not a good sign.


It meant that the enemies were getting closer.


Nam Shin-woo, Do Yeonsan, and Eun-yo were fighting the enemies with all their might.


The maze had kept them somewhat evenly matched, but even that had reached its limit.


More people were bypassing Nam Shin-woo and going through the Maze Formation, and the burden on Eun-yo, who was responsible for the final defense, was growing.


She was somehow holding on by squeezing out her last remaining strength, but even that was reaching its limit, which could be felt beyond the wall.


Gwia seemed to feel uneasy as well, raising its head and repeatedly flicking its tongue.


It was the first time Gwia had shown such agitation.


That was when it happened.




With a bang, someone burst through the wall and sprawled across the room between the two of them.




It was Eun-Yo, pinned against the wall and coughing up blood.




The divine physician hurriedly rushed to Eun-yo.


Eun-yo tried to lift her head and get up, but her legs failed her, and she slumped down.


Her pale face clearly showed that she had suffered severe internal injuries.


The divine physician quickly administered a Life-Saving Pill to her.


Eun-yo chewed on the Life-Saving Pill and looked at the hole in the wall.


Thump! Thump!


With the sound of footsteps, Blood Demons entered the room through the hole.


The Blood Demons briefly looked at Eun-yo and then turned their gaze to Pyo Wol, who was lying on the floor. A gleeful light filled their eyes.


They had finally secured their target.


Once they killed Pyo Wol, their mission would be complete.


Killing Pyo Wol, who was lying defenseless, would be easier than flipping their hand.




They all raised their swords simultaneously, aiming at Pyo Wol.




The divine physician screamed, but they ignored him and thrust their swords down.


Unable to watch the impending disaster, the divine physician tightly closed his eyes. However, the sounds he expected did not come.


Neither the sound of a sword cutting through flesh nor Pyo Wol's screams.


The divine physician cautiously opened his eyes. The men who were stabbing their swords at Pyo Wol were shaking uncontrollably as if they were having seizures.


They foamed at the mouth and twisted in agony.




The divine physician quickly realized the reason.


Gwia was biting the ankle of the last man. Gwia had bitten all the ankles of the Blood Demons who had invaded the room.


Gwia was so small that the Blood Demons didn't notice its presence. Their price for overlooking Gwia was death.


The invading Blood Demons all collapsed at once.


They didn't even have a chance to use their internal energy to expel the poison. Gwia's poison was that lethal.


Although all the Blood Demons had been killed, it was still too early to feel relieved.




With a loud noise, half of the house was blown away. Pyo Wol, Eun-yo, and divine physician were now clearly exposed to the outside.


It was the Blood Demons who had blown away the house.




Nam Shin-woo flew in from somewhere and quickly stood in front of Pyo Wol and Eun-yo.


Nam Shin-woo's body was also soaked in blood, as if he had taken a blood bath.


He had truly done his best to stop the Blood Demons. But stopping the numerous Blood Demons alone was impossible.

Despite his best efforts, Nam Shin-woo was injured in the process of trying to stop the Blood Demons.


The Blood Demons broke through the mist barrier and appeared sporadically.


Despite Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo's efforts to stop them, there were still fifty of them left, and they all broke through the maze that was no longer effective.


Inside the Maze, Do Yeonsan and the Blood Demon leader were still engaged in a fierce battle.


They couldn't count on Do Yeonsan's help.


Eun-yo sighed and murmured.


"It seems this is as far as we can go."




"I'll still try to fight to the death."


At Eun-yo's words, Nam Shin-woo's expression hardened.


It was a situation where they couldn't withstand the numerical onslaught.




The Blood Demons charged at them all at once.


Their target was Pyo Wol alone.


They didn't even bother looking at Eun-yo and Nam Shin-woo.






At that moment, the desperate cries of the two rang out.




Suddenly, a sharp sound of cutting through the air echoed.


At the same time, the neck of a Blood Demon who had been charging in the lead was sliced diagonally.


The Blood Demons stopped in surprise.


"Oh my! Who dares to touch my man so casually?"



The woman in red appeared like a ghost in front of Pyo Wol. Blood dripped from the dagger in her hand. She was the one who had skillfully cut the neck of the leading Blood Demon.

A woman with a strange charm, both ordinary and beautiful, spun the dagger and smiled.

The Blood Demons hesitated at her cold smile.

Instinctively, they realized that she was one of their own kind.

Eun-yo cautiously asked the woman.

"Who… are you?"

For a moment, the woman's red lips curved into a smile.

"Me? His girlfriend."


Eun-yo couldn't understand the woman's words for a moment and widened her eyes in surprise. Then, a playful smile deepened at the corners of the woman's mouth.

"My name is Hong Ye-seol."

"Hong Ye-seol?"

"I'm also the new leader of the Hundred Wraith Union."

"Hundred Wraith.. Union?"

Eun-yo's eyes trembled.

Although she didn't know the name Hong Ye-seol, she couldn't help but recognise the hundred wraith union.

Before Pyo Wol appeared, Hundred Wraith Union was known as the number one assassin group in the world.

The new Hundred Wraith Union leader, Hong Ye-seol, turned her gaze towards the Blood Demons.

Immediately, a deep furrow appeared in her brow.

It was because she sensed the scent of her own kind.

'No, I'm mistaken!They smell foul.'

A properly bred assassin would be able to mask even their own body odor.

There were some targets of assassination who had a keen sense of smell. This was because if they were caught by such individuals, not only would they fail the assassination, but they could also lose their lives.

Through various experiences, assassins would erase not only their body odor but also the smallest features.

Thus, no scent or physical characteristic could be detected from assassins who had survived over a long time and perfected themselves.

But those in front of her gave off a faint stench. The scent was undetectable to normal humans, but fellow assassins could smell it

It didn't make sense that Hong Ye-seol couldn't smell it, even if ordinary assassins could.

'They were raised artificially. By skipping steps in their growth, they have failed to realize and internalize the basics.'

There was a hint of anger in Hong Ye-seol's eyes.

Since childhood, she had walked the path of an assassin and held pride in her occupation.

Others might dismiss it as a lowly profession, but she believed that she could find her way within this field.

The Tao of the Assassin.

In a way, it could be considered self-indulgent.

It was absurd to think that one could find Tao in a profession designed to kill others, but it was a profession that could not be sustained without self-deception.

There was no emotion in the eyes of the Blood Demons as they looked at her. Of course, as an assassin's skill increased, they became better at hiding their emotions. But that was just hiding, not the absence of emotions.

The problem was that she could feel no emotions from the Blood Demons at all.

It was as if their emotions had been completely cauterized.

"Hmm! This is a dilemma. It's been a long time since I've been here to see him, and here's a whole bunch of these abominations? Let me make a suggestion. Just back off, and I'll spare your life."


The Blood Demon did not respond.

They advanced, holding their swords as if they had not heard Hong Ye-seol's words.

Hong Ye-seol let out a soft sigh.

"Phew! This is how you want to come out, then I'll just have to erase you from the world."


She flicked her finger.


At that moment, dark shadows appeared silently behind the Blood Demons.

Nam Shin-woo and Eun Yo's eyes widened in surprise.

Only then did the Blood Demons realize that there were other beings behind them.


As the Blood Demons hurriedly turned around, the black shadows attacked them.



In an instant, several Blood Demons lost their lives. However, it allowed the remaining Blood Demons to counterattack.


The clash of swords created a cacophony of metallic noise.

There were no shouts, cheers, or screams.

It was a silent battle.

"Oh my goodness!"


Nam Shin-woo and Eun-yo gasped in awe.

They had never seen such a sight in their lives.

How they could move so violently to take each other's lives and not make a single sound was beyond their common sense.

"Is this how assassins fight?"

Nam Shin-woo couldn't close his open mouth.

The black shadows fighting the Blood Demons were none other than Hong Ye-seol's subordinates.

The Black Shadow Assassins.

Elite assassins tasked with guarding the Hundred Wraith Union’s leader.

They were the Black Shadow Assassins, created solely to obey and protect the leader of the Hundred Wraith Union.

Even the top assassins of the Hundred Wraith Union, known as the Ten Blood Assassins, couldn't underestimate them.

The fact that Hong Ye-seol had mobilized the Black Shadow Assassins meant she had become the new master of the Hundred Wraith Union.

Swish! Swoosh!

With a crashing sound, the sword light sliced through the air.

With each strike, more Blood Demons were killed.

The Blood Demon Corps was undoubtedly a group of assassins who had reached a high level. However, the Black Shadow Assassins was specialized in capturing assassins.

The Hundred Wraith Union’s leader stood at the pinnacle of the assassin world.

They commanded countless assassins, but in turn, they were also threatened with death by them.

Many assassins targeted the Hundred Wraith Union’s master, and the primary mission of the Black Shadow Assassins was to protect them from these threats.

As a result, the Black Shadow Assassins were highly skilled at detecting and confronting assassins.

They were not deceived by the illusionary tricks of the blood demons disappearing right in front of their eyes. Instead, they traced the residual energy waves left by them and found them eventually.


They killed the Blood Demons as if a hunter was catching prey.

However, it wasn't as if there were no casualties. The Blood Demons' abilities were also formidable, so some of the Black Shadow Assassins members were killed as well. But neither the killers nor the killed uttered a single word.

The silent war continued for quite some time afterward.


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