chapter 3

Extreme Void Talent, Infinite Ultimate

Chu Bai was already familiar with these things.

“Player, please create an ID.”

Chu Bai replied, “Bai Feng.”

He wanted to tell those people that he was still alive. He wanted them to be wary from the moment they entered the game, fearful that he would kill them one day.

“Ding… The current ID has already been registered. Please recreate the ID.”

Chu Bai frowned.


He was already “dead”, but someone still snatched his ID?

Someone with Feng Ling?

There was no point, though. Feng Ling had already declared Bai Feng’s death. There was no point in snatching his ID.

Who would be willing to wear such a special ID? Were they not asking for trouble?

How strange.

After a while, Chu Bai’s lips moved slightly.

“Bai Ye.”

“Ding… ID Bai Ye successfully created.”

“Ding… Player Bai Ye, please choose a class. Current classes are Swordsman, Assassin, Priest, Archer, Mage, Summoner, Heavenly Shield.”

Chu Bai said, “Swordsman.”

He had only played the Swordsman class in the few games he had played before. He was familiar with it and did not intend to change it.

Swordsman was a class with balanced attributes in all aspects.

Assassins had high Agility and high Attack, but they were too fragile and rarely dealt AoE damage.

Priests were healers. Archers had high ATK and ranged attacks, but they were vulnerable in close combat. The Heavenly Shield was a textbook meat shield.

Moreover, Swordsmen did not have any fatal weaknesses, which was why many people liked to use this class.

“Ding… you have chosen the class of Swordsman. Are you sure?”


“Ding… Detected that player Bai Ye has a piece of equipment that can be brought into Destiny as “Broken Glass”. Do you want to bring it in?”

In front of Chu Bai appeared the Prayer’s Glass that had saved his life in reality.

Chu Bai checked.

[Broken Glass]:

Grade: Holy Seal

Usage Requirements: Unknown

Owner: Bai Ye

Description: One of the seven ultimate hidden items of Destiny, said to be able to revive dead people

Current Status: Damaged

Repair Requirements: Unknown

Cannot be dropped, cannot be discarded, cannot be traded, cannot be stolen.


Chu Bai frowned.

This was something his girlfriend had given him. Perhaps it was a top-class item in one of the previous games, but how could it be an ultimate hidden item in Destiny?

Logically speaking, there should be a remark that it came from a previous game. Destiny had only been released now, after all.

Chu Bai had no idea.

“I’ll bring it in.”

Chu Bai gave his answer.

“Ding… Character registration complete.”

“Ding… You have obtained the Talent Disc. Currently, you will be randomly assigned to a starter village. After entering the game, please use the Talent Disc to randomly draw talents.”

This made Chu Bai curious.

None of the previous games had such a thing.

“Ding… Finally, player Bai Ye is reminded that the pain level in Destiny is 1%. Every player only has one chance to revive in Destiny. After the first death, their level will decrease by 1-5 levels. At most, five random pieces of equipment will be dropped. Complete death will cause all equipment to be dropped. I wish you a pleasant game.”

This was something that every game implemented. Every player had a free chance to revive after entering the game.

A moment later, Chu Bai’s vision turned white.

“Ding… You have entered Starter Village 77777.”

A system notification sounded in his mind, and Chu Bai opened his eyes.

He was in a small village with a lot of trees. Around him were players who had just registered and dropped in from Blue Planet.

“F*ck! Talent Disc? Random talent draws? Give me an awesome talent! Please, please, please!”

“God Bai in Heaven bless me, bless me with an awesome talent!”

“If I get an awesome talent, I swear that I won’t touch a woman for ten years! Anyway, I haven’t touched one for twenty-five years. Ten more years is nothing.”


The corner of Chu Bai’s mouth twitched.

The first thing the surrounding players did after landing was to take out the Talent Disc and draw talents there.

Meanwhile, the first thing Chu Bai did was take out his mask and put it on.

The mask was a gift from the system. Men received masks, and women received veils.

Their appearance in the game was the same as their appearance in reality, and there was a camera function in the game. If anything he did was captured, everyone in the real world would know.

His wings were not fully grown yet. If someone wanted to kill him, they would not be able to do it in the game, but it would be an easy task in reality.

Then, with a thought, a compass-like item appeared in Chu Bai’s hand.

[Talent Disc]: Players of Destiny can draw random talents. Talent levels range from low to high: E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.

Chu Bai willed it into action.

“Begin extraction.”

“Ding… The Talent Disc is drawing a random talent. Please wait a moment.”

“Ding… congratulations on successfully drawing the Extreme Void Talent: Infinite Ultimate.”

Chu Bai, “???”

“What? Extreme Void level?”

There was no Extreme Void listed in the levels of talents.

Was SSS not the greatest already? Could it be that SSS was equivalent to Extreme Void? Wait, no!

From Chu Bai’s experience, these games were especially rigid with the way they did things. There was no way they would do something like this.

In the various games, equipment, items, and even monsters were divided into the grades of Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Demon, Celestial, Heavenly, Divine Emperor, Super Divine Artifact (Super Divine Beast), Holy Annihilation, and Holy Seal.

Holy Seal was the highest grade. For example, the Evil Demon Lord was a Holy Seal Boss, while the Divine Armament Diagram was a Holy Seal item.

There was no Extreme Void.

“System, what is the Extreme Void?” Chu Bai asked.

“Ding… I don’t know.”

Chu Bai, “…”

How straightforward.

The players’ cries came from the side.


“F*ck! Ahhh! I’m f*cking having a mental breakdown! The crappiest Grade E talent, Overdose Health Recovery. Increases the amount of healing received by 2%. F*ck you! Do I look like I need your 2% health recovery?”

“Ahhh! Grade D talent, Block. Blocks 2% of the damage received, that’s taking 2 points of damage less out of 100. This is a Grade D talent? Isn’t this worse than Grade E? F*ck!”

“Ah! Does the system think that I’ve been single for 25 years and wants me to stop being single? I made an oath to not touch a woman for ten f*cking years in exchange for an awesome talent. And you gave me an E-grade. In that case, just give me a woman. Boohoo.”

“Holy crap! Grade A talent, Indestructible. In battle, the damage dealt to the enemy every five seconds can be recovered as the same amount in HP. Hell yeah!”

“Get out! I got a Grade S talent, Bloodthirst. A permanent passive skill that deals 10% damage to the enemy to heal myself. F*ck! Amazing!”

Hearing these words, many people were envious.

“F*ck! Kill them!”

“F*ck! Kill them!”

Then, a group of people instantly rushed over and surrounded those who had drawn good talents.

-0, -0, -0

The starter village had a protective mechanism. As long as you were in the village, you could not be harmed.

The pain level was only 1%. Those attackers were purely venting, and the people on the receiving end were lying there happily receiving punches and kicks!

They were ecstatic.

Chu Bai, on the other hand, glanced at his Extreme Void talent, Infinite Ultimate.

This talent sounded very impressive.

[Infinite Ultimate]: Extreme Void Level Talent

Passive Effect: Ignores levels, grades, and any special effects. Once a unit within sight uses his Ultimate, the player, Bai Ye, can directly obtain it. For one day, the player can unleash the Ultimate unlimitedly with their current attributes. The Ultimate has no cooldown and no mana consumption. You can only obtain one Ultimate from the same unit on the same day. (Note: All Ultimates obtained will disappear in ten seconds after combat.)

Active Effect: You can obtain a random Ultimate every day. This Ultimate can be used infinitely and is not affected by being out of battle. You can use the skills of other classes.

Chu Bai, “???”


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