chapter 2

Destiny (2)

There was a line of words written on the white light.

[Adventurers, the final chapter of “The World” has concluded, and the map is now permanently closed. At 8 a.m. tomorrow, “Destiny” will attack. All adventurers, please head to the Land of Destiny and start a brand new adventure.]

Chu Bai was already used to this scene.


“Destiny? The Land of Destiny!”

Chu Bai suddenly stood up excitedly.

The so-called Land of Destiny that he had been searching for was actually the next game world after The World…

He did not expect the surprise to come so suddenly.

Lovers and enemies were all there…

“Xue’er, wait for me.”

Chu Bai silently clenched his fists!

Meanwhile, many people were exclaiming outside.

“F*ck! Destiny? Is a new game coming so soon?”

“Ahhh!! I can’t f*cking fly anymore! I’ve lost all my power, my skills! Boohoo, this sucks!”

“I still have 20,000 yuan in ‘The World’. I didn’t have time to withdraw it. I haven’t settled my rent for next month. Will there be a beautiful landlady who will take me in? Tsk…”

“Destiny, onward!!”


They were all very excited to hear about the new game.

There were three reasons why they were eager to go.

First of all, when a game concludes its final chapter, they could make an exchange for lifespan. Some people had even lived for hundreds of years by now. The most amazing thing was that some people still looked young even after hundreds of years had passed.

Secondly, if you do not enter the game and fail to complete the final mission of said game, the Son of God System will destroy the Blue Planet.

Thirdly, it was for influence, money, and power!

Even if your power would eventually disappear at the end of the game, everyone still wanted more influence and money and to live longer.

“Eight o’clock tomorrow.”

Chu Bai memorized the time, then went out to order duck leg rice. He sat down to eat.

The television in the shop was broadcasting news related to The World.

At this moment, Feng Ling appeared on the television screen.

Chu Bai looked up and his eyes narrowed.

“Hello, Great God Feng Ling. I’m Reporter Xiao You. Please greet the audience in front of the camera.”

On the television screen, Feng Ling waved his hand. “Hello, everyone. I’m Feng Ling.”

“Great God Feng Ling, did you say that you have something important to announce?”

Feng Ling nodded. “That’s right. I have two things to announce today. The first is…”

He looked desolate and bit his lips slightly, looking very downcast. “The first thing I have to share is bad news. I hope everyone will not break down after hearing it.”

“What is it?” the reporter asked.

Feng Ling looked at the camera and sighed. He said softly, “My good brother, the number one player, Bai Feng… has sadly left us forever.”


Everyone could not believe their ears.

The people eating in the shop stood up one after another.

“How is this possible? How could God Bai die? Was he killed by the final boss, the Evil Demon Lord? Impossible! The players fought for three months without being able to kill the Evil Demon Lord, but then God Bai suddenly appeared and depleted the Evil Demon Lord’s HP bar in only a few moves! With such strength, how could God Bai die?”

“The number one player trampled head-on the Emperor who dominated King’s Descent for many years and one-shotted the masters to claim first place on the Heaven Ranking. In Divine Demon, he single-handedly killed tens of millions of monsters, triggered the secret quest, got the Destiny Goddess to descend, and gave everyone in the world an additional year of lifespan. I refuse to believe that such an invincible idol would be killed by an Evil Demon Lord with low health!”

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe that God Bai is dead! Ahhh! God Bai!”

“No! I don’t care! It’s fake! It’s definitely fake!”


Chu Bai stared at the television as he ate. He wanted to hear what this sanctimonious guy would say next.

“Great God Feng Ling, is… is what you said true?”

The reporter’s voice was also trembling.

Feng Ling nodded. “It’s true. During the battle today… I’m sorry…”

As he spoke, he turned his head to wipe his tears, then turned around again.

“Today, the Evil Demon Lord was severely injured and we went to chase after him. However, we were caught off guard when the Evil Demon Lord went berserk. My good brother, Bai Feng, was seriously injured before he could react. After we killed the Evil Demon Lord, we quickly tended to Bai Feng. However, we realized that he was Poisoned and his health bar was constantly dropping.”

“We used everything we could, but we couldn’t get rid of the poison. In the end… in the end…”

Feng Ling turned around again and wiped his tears.

In the shop, those people looked crestfallen. They slumped into their chairs as if they had lost all their strength.

“God Bai… is dead…”

They muttered to themselves in disbelief.

Chu Bai laughed mockingly.

It was a pity that this person was not a professional actor.

Feng Ling took a deep breath and said, “In the end, my good brother, Bai Feng, fell. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t save Bai Feng! I’m sorry!”

With that, Feng Ling bowed deeply to the camera.

“I’m guilty! I’m useless! I’ve let my brother Bai Feng down! I could only watch him die!!”

The reporter also mopped tears. “Great God Feng Ling, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault! I believe that God Bai will be truly happy if he saw how remorseful you are.”

Feng Ling stood up slowly and took a deep breath, revealing a self-deprecating look of ‘sadness’.

The reporter asked, “Great God Feng Ling, what’s the second thing you wanted to say?”

Feng Ling wiped his tears and said, “Bai Feng gave me all of his treasures before he died, as well as the divine artifact, the Azure Cloud Sacred Sword, which had accompanied him for five years.”

As he spoke, he took out the Azure Cloud Sacred Sword that was emitting a platinum glow.

“Bai Feng said that he wanted me to take this sword and carry his will into the next game to kill the final boss and save Blue Planet! So I announce…”

Feng Ling raised the Azure Cloud Sacred Sword in his hand and shouted angrily, “From today onward, I, Feng Ling, will carry on my brother Bai Feng’s dying wish. Holding his sword, I will fulfill his dream! Bai Feng might be dead, but he is not truly gone! There is still me and everyone else!”

In the small shop, many people got to their feet and applauded!

“Well said! Bai Feng didn’t really die! God Bai will live forever!”

“God Bai! God Bai!”


Feng Ling continued, “Everyone knows that my guild in the game is Feng Ling Dynasty. But now, I plan to establish another guild. The name of the guild will be Bai Feng Alliance. Bai Feng Alliance and Feng Ling Dynasty shall be comrades. Just like me and Bai Feng, we will be brothers forever. Let us be allies and brothers-in-arms. We will inherit Bai Feng’s will and walk down the path together!”

Inside the small shop, everyone stood up and cheered.

“Follow Bai Feng’s will! Let’s go down the path together!”

“Join the Bai Feng Alliance!”

The next day.

The trending topic had already been flooded with news of Bai Feng.

Hot search ranking:

[First place: Bai Feng is dead.]

[Second place: Bai Feng Alliance]

[Third place: Great God Feng Ling]

Chu Bai had yet to wake up, but the Son of God’s Mark on the back of his hand flickered with light, and a slight electric current forced Chu Bai awake.

This was the mark that everyone was born with. With this mark, one could enter the game time at any time.

“Ding… Honorable adventurer, Destiny will begin in ten minutes. Please be prepared.”

A system notification that Chu Bai was already used to hearing resounded in his mind.

Normally, he would not hear such a voice. Only in important situations would there be such system notifications in reality.

Chu Bai washed up.

It was eight o’clock.


With a thought from Chu Bai, his body disappeared from his rented apartment.

In the next moment, he arrived in a space similar to the universe.

“Welcome to Destiny. The game has begun. Please create an account.”


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