Chapter 05 The Heroine called him father:

Chapter 05: The Heroine called him father:

"She’s the only bloodline of Uncle Xiao's family, I must let her grow up healthy so that she can have …a peaceful life.”

Lin Yan's mumble reached the ears of everyone outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror making their face turn solemn.

They had heard this phrase before.

When Lin’s father was dying, this was what he told little Lin Yan to take Xiao Yanran and live well together.

But, who would have thought that a six or seven years old child actually took these words seriously?

He chose rather be bruised and battered himself than let her go, and continued to raise baby Xiao Yanran to be a healthy and chubby child.

“When he was a child, the Heavenly Emperor was actually a person who was affectionate and righteous.” Someone began to sigh in a low voice.

Just like before, his words were also immediately refuted.

"What's the use of being affectionate and righteous when he was a child. He will still be just as evil when he grows up."

"That's right! He looked affectionate and was so nice to sister Yanran back then. But, he almost killed sister Yanran later."

“What do you mean by him being affectionate? He was just pretending to be affectionate, and then merciless when he started. ”

Xiao Yanran stood before the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

Looking past Lin Yan and herself in the mirror, her eyes had been somewhat gentle.

However, the words around her made her regain her icy-cold temperament.

Indeed, what's the use of taking nice care when she was young.

Later, when he became the Heaven Emperor, he was ruthless, decisive and inhumane.

Xiao Yanran’s body had the Supreme Bone which was ranked as an incomparable treasure, but when the Heavenly Emperor learned about it, he actually pulled it out forcefully from her body.

This made Xiao Yanran almost lose her cultivation. As it wasn't enough, the Heavenly Emperor even put her in prison.

This made Xiao Yanran completely turn against the Heavenly Emperor.

When Xiao Yanran thought of the torture she had suffered in the past, her heart completely turned cold and refused to soften.

(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

At the reactions of the people outside the mirror, and their muttering voices, Lin Yan couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

By this time, he had basically mastered the Storyline Editor, it was like writing a regular diary to him now.

He could simply take the past memories from the previous owner of his body and rewrite them all over again.

And what he wrote out would all become true.

Of course, there were limits. If he tried to write something nonsense, it would be directly judged as invalid by the system.

For example, if Lin Yan wrote that he became a great sage in one day and an immortal in ten days, the system would not approve such obviously bullshit content at all. (T/N: NO PLOT HOLES! FINALLY!)

The more it fits with the original actions of the Heavenly Emperor, the more it would be recognized by the system.

What's more, Lin Yan now had no intention of using the system to change his cultivation level.

His own predecessor, the Heavenly Emperor, was already invincible in cultivation, but still couldn’t resist the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

So, what he wanted was to just get out here.

To make this happen, he could only rely on outside people.

Meanwhile, Lin Yan stared at the ten main female leads around the male protagonist Lin Feng.

Because, only these ten main female leads had the ability to save him.

"Should I just simply rewrite the past and make it up? Hell NO! I have read so many abusive novels, I don’t believe that it won’t make them cry." Lin Yan muttered under his breath.

The Linglong Treasure Mirror had became a tool for him to show the content he had written which were converted into videos to be played.

This kind of godly assistance had surprised Lin Yan too.

Seeing the content played by the Linglong Treasure Mirror was already the last chapter Lin Yan had prepared, he didn't dare to be careless.

So, he hurriedly continued to write it.

Under Lin Yan's care, little Xiao Yanran grew up day by day.

And Lin Yan's way of taking care of the baby also changed from being rusty to becoming more and more skilled.

Finally, Xiao Yanran began to learn to speak.

"Father …father …"

Looking at little Xiao Yanran calling him father, Lin Yan would impatiently correct her every time, "Say brother,... It's brother …brother."

"Father… father…”

"Call me brother … brother…"

Though these two were little, they both seemed to be stubborn.

Looking at this scene, the crowd outside the Linglong treasure mirror didn't know whether to laugh or cry and also felt twisted in their heart for a moment.

While many people quietly took a glance at Xiao Yanran.

From the current performance alone, Lin Yan simply had been too good to be true for Xiao Yanran.

It wasn't too much to say that it was like he was Xiao Yanran's own father.

Even the male protagonist, Lin Feng couldn't help but frown slightly and came close to Xiao Yanran and said, “Yanran, don't care about this, you paid him back for this kindness already. It was also for the sake of the people of the whole Lingxuan continent that we killed him.”

Hearing his words, Xiao Yanran didn’t speak but quietly stared at the Linglong Treasure Mirror before her.

-To be continued!


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