Chapter 04 Several Hardships

Chapter 04: Several Hardships

After Lin Yan crushed the fruit into the pulp in his mouth, he fed it to baby Xiao Yanran.

But, in less than an hour, she cried again.

The fruits that Lin Yan collected weren't many. Also, it was midnight. Outside the cave, it was almost dark and it was impossible to collect the fruit.

Inside the cave, the anxious Lin Yan held Xiao Yanran and tried to put her to sleep.

But baby Xiao Yanran seemed to be hungry and the more she cried, the more hungry she became and she continued to cry even more.

In the darkness, Lin Yan's figure seemed to hesitate a bit.

After a few seconds, he slowly put a finger to his mouth, ruthlessly biting into it.

He kept biting until it was dripping with blood.

While the wound on Lin Yan’s hand was still dripping blood, he hurriedly put his finger to Xiao Yanran's mouth and used his own blood to feed Xiao Yanran.

Xiao Yanran, who was still a baby, thought of it as a kind of food like milk and drank it with relish.

Looking at Xiao Yanran, who was no longer crying, Lin Yan looked obviously relaxed.

But after a few drops of blood were shed, the wound that Lin Yan had bitten started to heal. this made the hungry baby Xiao Yanran cry again.

Seeing this, Lin Yan gritted his teeth and bit into the wound and continued to feed Xiao Yanran with his blood.

As a result of repeating this many times, and in less than an hour, one of his hands became scarred.


(Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

Everyone was silent as they were all stunned by little Lin Yan's action.

A six or seven-year-old child, for the sake of another baby, actually bit into his finger without even frowning and fed the baby his own blood.

"No wonder he will become the Heavenly Emperor in the future. Just this ruthlessness alone isn't comparable to ordinary people."

Hearing this, the male protagonist, Lin Feng, sighed under his breath.

Xiao Yanran on the side looked at her infant self who was feeding on little Lin Yan's blood. Seeing this, even she couldn't help but her body trembled slightly.

After all, this scene was too shocking for her as well.

The night passed with great difficulty

By the next day, when the day dawned again, the young Lin Yan, who had been holding baby Xiao Yanran this whole time, obviously seemed to be very tired.

He not only had to feed Xiao Yanran his own blood last night but also had to keep coaxing Xiao Yanran and he barely slept all night.

The only good thing was that it was only after dawn, baby Xiao Yanran finally fell into a deep sleep.

Lin Yan carried baby Xiao Yanran in his arms and continued on the road again.

After last night's incident, he already knew that if he continued to stay there, he was afraid that Xiao Yanran would starve to death. So he needed to find food for Xiao Yanran.

Somehow, Lin Yan and Xiao Yanran managed to get into a nearby village.

Thankfully, those dao-robed people didn’t appear, which was a relief to him.

He quietly slipped into the village's sheep shed ,and he milked half a bowl of goat's milk which he fed the goat's milk to baby Xiao Yanran.

Baby Xiao Yanran drank the goat's milk, and was obviously in a much better state than last night.

This made the worry between Lin Yan's eyebrows finally relax a little.


Few days after that.

Lin Yan carried baby Xiao Yanran in his arms and hid in the east.

In order to feed Xiao Yanran, young Lin Yan looked for food for her everywhere.

Surely, there was goat's milk and there was even animal milk to feed her but the main thing was, of course, human milk.

Lin Yan made an appointment with a woman in labor in a nearby village and accepted the job to hunt rabbits in the near mountains, which were all given to this woman.

And the woman would help him feed Xiao Yanran once a day.

Thanks to this maternal milk, baby Xiao Yanran could grow up properly.


Even for an adult who wants to raise a child, it wasn't an easy task, let alone how could a six or seven-year-old Lin Yan manage it?

Even if he was determined, the body was still a child's body after all.

Just in the phase of a year, the originally chubby cheeks have been visibly reduced and his size also didn’t grow much.

On the contrary, baby Xiao Yanran grew chubby and was a stark contrast to young Lin Yan.

There were some times when some villagers who knew the two of them, asked young Lin Yan to throw Xiao Yanran away or give her to someone else to raise.

But every time young Lin Yan was stubborn and always shook his head in denial.

He kept mumbling to himself: “This is the last bloodline of Uncle Xiao's family, I must let her grow up healthy so that she has… a peaceful life.”

-To be continued!


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