Chapter 03 He Took Her First Kiss

Chapter 03: He Took Her First Kiss

Looking at Xiao Yanran's stunningly beautiful face along with a cold aura emitting in her eyes, the male protagonist, Lin Feng couldn't help but have his heart stirred for a moment.

He whispered, "Yanran, if the people who killed your whole family are still alive, I will kill them to avenge your family."

Hearing his words, Xiao Yanran's face remained unchanged. She shook her head and said, “They should be long dead by now. ‘He’ was the Heavenly Emperor who exterminated countless sects including those innocent sects. So how can he let them live?"

Even at this moment. Xiao Yanran was still reluctant to mention her brother's name and only refers to him as "he".

"That's right."

Seeing that he had failed to show goodwill to Xiao Yanran, Lin Feng could only let out a sarcastic laugh and continue to look up at the Linglong Treasure Mirror.

(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

The six or seven years old Lin Yan, the young Heavenly Emperor held baby Xiao Yanran in his and quickly rushed in the direction of his own home.

But before he could rush back to his own home, he saw that his home had already burned up a huge flame of fire.

In the light of the fire, there was also the faint presence of those figures in the Taoist robe.

As if extinguishing the entire Xiao family wasn't enough, they actually came over to extinguish the whole Lin family as well.

But they didn’t notice that on a hill several miles away from the Lin family, a six or seven-year-old child, holding a baby in his arms, stared at the blazing fire in front of him. The frightened look in his eyes gradually receded and turned to icy-cold.

Everyone could sense the changes that have occurred in this child.

"This is the moment that he has turned into that cold-blooded and ruthless Heavenly Emperor step by step, right?"

Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, many people sighed.

Lin Yan, the young Heavenly Emperor watched his home being burned by a blazing fire. Then without looking back, he ran away.

He was afraid that those people in daoist robes would find him and Xiao Yanran, so he specifically looked for the uninhabited deep forests to escape.

Soon, the two of them got lost on a big mountain.

The dense forest and huge trees in the big mountain not only blocked the sun but also the roaring sound of fierce beasts constantly sounded in his ears.

Although the people around the Linglong Treasure Mirror were all already profound cultivators, they were all once mortals.

Naturally, they knew the feeling of being lost in such a dense forest.

What was more, there was also a baby.

"He should be very scared, right? Even an adult won't dare stay too long." Someone said and sighed.

However, his words were quickly countered.

"Though he is the Heavenly Emperor. What's wrong with being afraid? He should have a good taste of fear …It was just a pity that Sister Yanran had to suffer with him at such a young age.”

Everyone in the crowd said a word or two.

All the way, Xiao Yanran's face remained unchanged, looking at everything inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror with a cold expression.

(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

Lin Yan still held baby Xiao Yanran and somehow managed to find a cave in this dense forest, and they stayed there.

His face didn’t show any slightest fear. He was calm even in such a situation.

It was as if he had lost the feeling of fear.

Looking at Lin Yan, who was such a small child, actually showed more courage than many adults, many people around the Linglong Treasure Mirror couldn't help but sigh in their hearts, "As expected of a Heavenly Emperor, even at a young age, he is not comparable to ordinary people."


Just as the young Heavenly Emperor Lin Yan with baby Xiao Yanran had just settled down in this humble cave, she suddenly let out a cry.

The baby's cries spread out in all directions.

It made the dense forest less terrifying.

Little Lin Yan tried many ways to calm her down.

The cave was a very big one and he walked like this for a long time to come here and looked quite tired.

After some time, little Xiao Yanran finally stopped crying.

Lin Yan was relieved and carried Xiao Yanran in his arms and walked out of the cave to search for food.

Thankfully, this mountain forest had a lot of fruits. So, Lin Yan didn’t have to put much effort to find a lot of fruits.

Looking at these piles of fruits on the ground, Lin Yan, who had a cold face till now, barely showed a smile at the corner of his mouth.

In the dimly lit mountain forest, Lin Yan just kept holding Xiao Yanran. Even if his arms were sore and numb, he still didn’t let go of her.

He stayed like that all night.

In the middle of the night, Xiao Yanran woke up again. Having not eaten for most of the day, she immediately cried out.

Lin Yan hurriedly grabbed the fruits on the ground, trying to feed Xiao Yanran.

"What a fool. How can a baby as young as Yanran eat a fruit?"

Outside the Linglong Treasure Mirror, someone snorted a laugh, but their laughter was forced back by Xiao Yanran's icy-cold gaze.

Looking again at the Linglong Treasure Mirror in front of her, Xiao Yanran's gaze, there were a few more tender feelings dwelling inside her.

"At least, at that time, he still really cared about me …but why would he become like that?"

But soon, the hatred for the Heavenly Emperor resurfaced in her mind and the tenderness in her eyes instantly disappeared.

(Inside the Linglong Treasure Mirror)

Lin Yan held Xiao Yanran trying to feed her a few fruits, but then quickly realised that she couldn’t eat fruits yet as she hasn’t even grown her teeth.

After pondering for a moment, Lin Yan wanted to find something to smash the fruit into jam and then feed it to Xiao Yanran.

However, there were no tools there. Even the stones were dirty.

What could he do?

Having no other choice, Lin Yan could only stuff the fruit into his mouth, smash the fruit, and then feed it to Xiao Yanran with his mouth.


This scene was played in the Linglong treasure mirror in front of countless people. Seeing this, all couldn’t help but think of it as a naughty act.

No way!

Although the mirror showed Xiao Yanran, who was just a baby, Xiao Yanran in front of them had already become a charming beauty now.

Lin Yan's actions now, it was the same as kissing this big beauty.

Who could digest this?

At least not the male protagonist, Lin Feng who was standing before the Linglong Treasure Mirror. He was already shaking with anger.

"Damn it! I haven't even touched Yanran's hand yet, but this damn Heavenly Emperor already took her first kiss."

Although he was annoyed, he simply could not say it out loud in front of everyone.

He feared that he would be called stingy.

So, Lin Feng gritted his teeth and looked at Xiao Yanran beside him.

He saw Xiao Yanran's face which was still icy cold. However, she stared at the Linglong Treasure Mirror in a daze.

"Yanran wouldn't be touched by the Heavenly Emperor, would she?"

Thinking so, Lin Feng's heart ached.

He hurriedly asked in a low voice, "Yanran, are you okay?"

"I’m fine." Xiao Yanran's tone was still icy-cold. There wasn't the slightest tenderness visible in her eyes.

The same icy-cold face.

Only then, Lin Feng was able to settle down his emotions inside his heart.

-To be continued!


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